Pilates Instructor Wanted!

Do you love teaching Pilates or fitness - and enjoy being challenged by your clients?     

Do you have a positive and outgoing personality - one that makes clients look for any excuse to come back and see you?     

Do you love to learn? Do you view the opportunity to learn as a PRIVILEGE - instead of something that you should be "paid" to do?  

  Are you committed to being part of a TEAM that puts clients first over professional or personal ego?   

Are you flexible and open to change - and want to be part of a rapidly growing company that is on target to be doing huge and exciting things? 

If so.... then we might be JUST the position you're looking for...

We're a Physical therapy and Pilates studio in Arvada, CO that is growing. We're expanding our Pilates and fitness side of things and need your help to do it!   

Our next Pilates instructor is someone who works hard, is a team player, can't get enough of learning, and loves to be held accountable for high performance standards.   

If you think you have what we're looking for, are looking for a work place to call "home", and want to be part of an amazing work-family who appreciates you and works just as hard as you do...   

...Keep reading to see if you have the qualifications we're looking for and APPLY!

About Empower PT + Pilates
Empower PT+ Pilates is not your typical physical therapy or health care clinic - are we aren't your typical fitness studio. We specialize in helping people stay active and healthy, enjoying life for the long haul without relying on painkillers, injections, or surgeries - so they can enjoy all Colorado has to offer instead of wasting time and money in doctor's offices. We use physical therapy and Pilates to end pain and frustration and provide confidence and clarity.
Your role, responsibilities, and expectations: 
  • Teach small group Pilates classes consisting of 5-6 participants on the mat and Springboard, using balls, magic circles, therabands, and other props
  • ​Teach private Pilates and Pilates-based fitness sessions from beginning to intermediate level - using Pilates reformer, Springboard, and Pilates mat exercises and principles
  • ​Participate in community and outreach events to help market the business and acquire new clients
  • ​Be an ambassador to our company by helping to spread our marketing message and participating in videos, social media, and marketing campaigns when directed
  • ​Co-treat and work alongside our physical therapy team to help clients who are recovering from injuries, knee and back pain, etc
  • ​Participate in weekly staff meeting and training sessions. Be accountable to review any outside learning or training materials that are assigned to you.
  • ​Document daily Pilates and fitness sessions in a timely manner. Track and report your weekly productivity.
  • ​Be flexible to schedule changes and be willing to cover for other instructors when needed.
  • ​Look for and be aware of referral opportunities to our physical therapy program (ex: someone in your class complains of back pain - recommend they talk to one of our specialists).
  • ​Maintain a positive demeanor and outlook - at all times - regardless of outside stresses or personal circumstances.
Skills and Qualifications Required: 
  • Outgoing and Personable -> can easily engage a small group of people or individual to make them feel comfortable and wanting to come back and see you
  • ​Personal accountability -> Enjoys and is comfortable with being held accountable for performance standards and outcomes
  • ​Team Player -> enjoys being an integral part of the sum of people that make our company successful
  • ​Group Fitness Teaching Experience -> in any modality or fitness style. Pilates mat a plus!
  • ​Good communicator -> is able to lead a small group class or private session with clear instructions that leave clients feeling confident and engaged throughout
  • Creative -> is ability to curate and create Pilates programs that leave clients feeling engaged and inspired and that produce desired results
  • ​Fail Forward Attitude -> is comfortable with trying new things and is able to learn from mistakes through constructive criticism.
  • ​Perceptive -> is able to read body language and sense non-verbal cues from clients who might be confused, unhappy, or need more direction than they are verbally stating.
  • ​Pro-active -> is a self starter and thinks ahead to avoid problems and/or quickly course-correct to address problems in-play
  • ​Coachable -> enjoys and welcomes constructive feedback and does not take constructive criticism as a personal attack on character
Sound like the perfect place for you?